Natural historian says David Attenborough damaging the environment

A British natural history broadcaster has taken aim at the most sacred cow in his field, Sir David Attenborough, saying beloved series like Planet Earth do more harm to the environment than good.

In a Guardian op-ed, BBC presenter Martin Hughes-Games wrote that while Attenborough’s latest nature-porn effort Planet Earth II was “brilliantly executed”, it is a “disaster for the world’s wildlife”.

“These programmes are pure entertainment…” Hughes-Games opines. “(But) ultimately a significant contributor to the planet-wide extinction of wildlife we’re presiding over.”

The Springwatch host then goes on to cite figures that show a 58 percent decline in vertebrate population the world over between 1970 and 2012, saying that Attenborough’s celebrated output, which began in 1979, has helped create a “beguiling fantasy world”.

…(read more).

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