The Need To GROW Preview

from Earth Conscious FilmsPlus

Directed and Produced by Ryan Wirick and Rob Herring
Edited by Ryan Wirick
Assistant Editor Rob Herring
Cinematography by Ryan Wirick and Rob Herring

Music by Cuckoo Chaos, Chris Gabriel, Arvo Pärt, Keith Barney, and Frank Ticheli

Starring Vandana Shiva, Paul Stamets, Larry Santoyo, Erik Cutter, Karen and Colin Archipley, David King, Nick Bernabe, Howard Vlieger, Jeffrey Smith, Adam Navidi, Alicia Serratos, Monica Serratos, Gabe Blanchet, Jamie Byron, Aaron Flora, Elias Kolsun, and many more.

The Need To GROW is Earth Conscious Film’s first feature length documentary. Currently in production. It will shine light on an emerging global food ecosystem that has the potential to solve the obsolete progress trap that is our current food system.

The bottom line is that the food system currently in place is a failed experiment. It has a built-in expiration date because it destroys the planet’s living soil and biodiversity faster than it can be replenished. Feeding the world sustainably starts with understanding food production as an ecological system that includes all of humankind, all the animals, the rivers, the oceans, and the microbes — rather than an industry artificially cut-off from nature.
The new food ecosystem proposed in our film will regenerate the soil, support biodiversity, produce far more nutrition per acre, conserve water, require no toxic chemicals or GMOs, empower people at the local level, and never expire.

And best of all, it’s already happening!

Learn more and support our film at

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