Bernie Sanders Tweets Quotes From Pope Francis On Christmas Day

Bernie Sanders’ Twitter account quoted Pope Francis twice during the afternoon on Christmas Day. They were Sanders’ only Christmas Day tweets.

Sanders’ first Christmas Day tweet highlighted the fact that Pope Francis stated that millions of people are dying of starvation even though the current levels of food production are sufficient.

Bernie Sanders was raised Jewish, but told The Washington Post that he is no longer “actively involved with organized religion.” Sanders’ brother Larry told The Washington Post that he and Bernie grew up learning Hebrew. Larry said that Bernie could read prayer in Hebrew, but not with a great deal of understanding.

“It wasn’t a question of, ‘Are we Jewish?’” Larry Sanders said. “It was just as uncontested as saying you’re an American.”

Still, Larry Sanders clarified that Bernie is “quite substantially not religious.” Sanders’ wife Jane was raised Catholic, but USA Today reported that Jane Sanders no longer actively participates in organized religion either. According to Jane Sanders, Bernie has his own tradition for kicking off winter. Jane Sanders told Mark Halperin on With All Due Respect that for over three decades, Bernie Sanders and one of his friends have thrown a holiday party for low income families in Vermont.

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