New Poll uncovers Trump Supporters Alternate Reality – “They LITERALLY Think UP IS DOWN”

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Published on Dec 9, 2016

EXCLUSIVE – Rachel Maddow previews a PPP Poll which contrasts how Trump Supporters live in an ALTERNATE reality where truth and facts have little to no meaning. Trumps people think that he won the popular vote, that UNEMPLOYMENT, THE ECONOMY & The STOCK MARKET are much worse after Obama instead of the documented and undeniable fact that they are all exponentially better. These people have been influenced in a big way by Trump’s false rhetoric and FAKE NEWS sites such as Breitbart and Infowars. Trump waged his ongoing fake news campaign purely out of necessity. Trump needed for the country to be in a mess because if it wasn’t he would be without a message. What could he say, “Make America as Great as it is Now?” He needed people to be ANGRY; Only then could they look past his rude behavior, unpreparedness for the office and Trump University Scandals and bribes. Think about it, if Trump acknowledged that Obama in his term saw the stock market increase by over 11,000 points and unemployment cut to about half, Trump would have nothing to fix. Hillary would be the obvious choice to continue the work that President Obama has started and to continue down the prosperous path that he has established for the U.S. It’s offensive that after inheriting a recession from President Bush and fixing so many of our problems, he is receiving a crappy, rude send off from what has been the most ineffective and dysfunctional majority-Republican Congress of our time. Donald Trump will be inheriting a country that is in a good place and I’m sure he’ll figure out a way to take credit for Obama’s work.

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