Ignorance + Arrogance = Overshoot ==> Collapse: The Accelerated Collapse of a Non-Renewable Civilization | EV & N – 233 | CCTV





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The embarrassing ignorance of recently proposed cabinet members in the United States combined with their breath-taking arrogance is creating a danger for the survival of all of modern civilization across the globe.

While scientists have warned for decades that industrial civilization must make the transition to a post-fossil fueled world, the new cabinet secretaries proposed by President-elect Trump seem neither to know or care about the pressing nature of global climate change — the greatest fundamental problem confronting human civilization.

Instead, following the lead of candidate Trump, the proposed cabinet members seem poised to unleash a new era of state permitted, state-subsidized and state-sponsored fossil fuel extractivism to revive this moribund energy strategy.

Further discussion about how industrial civilization must now move beyond its fossil-fuel dependence is available at:

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