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Patrice Dechavanne, French Surrealist Artist, and Our Changing Planet

French Surrealist Artist and Our Changing Planet

Patrice Dechavanne was born in Paris.
Impassioned by painting since a very young age, he gave his first exhibition in Rouen in 1962. Researching new materials he prepared his paintings himself with a base of pigments and varnish. This technique gave his works a very distinctive aspect. During the first years of his work, he steered towards the abstract and sought behind nebulousity to express his emotions.

I was captivated by this image and given recent American election events, I feel the painting needs to be shared with my creative arts posts on Environmental Justice. I have found artists and art exhibitions in the south of France sensitive to issues involving our changing planet.

It was nice of the artist to dedicate this image to me when I showed him my previous posts and indicated that I wanted to publish it for the transition studies, environmental justice word press.

Charalee Graydon
Rhodes Scholar, Canada