Trump stands with Big Oil, backs the Dakota Access pipeline

“All Americans” apparently doesn’t include the tribes trying to protect their water.

CREDIT: AP Photo/John Minchillo

President-elect Donald Trump’s energy and environmental priorities can be summed up as staunchly pro-fossil fuels. He doubled down on these positions Thursday, explicitly backing the Dakota Access pipeline, a $3.6-billion project that he has personal financial ties to. The controversial project has been the target of protests for months in North Dakota, where Native American tribes have been at the forefront of the effort to stop the pipeline’s construction under the Missouri River.

“Mr. Trump expressed his support for the Dakota Access pipeline, which has met or exceeded all environmental standards set forth by four states and the Army Corps of Engineers,” North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven (R) said in a statement Thursday, after a briefing with the president-elect’s team.

“Also, it is important to know that the new administration will work to help us grow and diversify our energy economy and build the energy infrastructure necessary to move it from where it is produced to where it is needed. The result will be more jobs, a more vibrant economy and affordable energy for the American people,” he said.

Hoeven has previously called for the protesters to stand down.

While Trump’s backing of the project, which his team said “has nothing to do with his personal investments and everything to do with promoting policies that benefit all Americans,” was not surprising, it still angered environmentalists and pipeline opponents.

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