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Climate skeptic leads EPA transition

Tech Insider

Published on Nov 14, 2016

President-elect Donald J. Trump has reportedly chosen Myron Ebell to head the EPA’s transition team. Ebell is a proud climate skeptic, often referring to climate change scientists as alarmists.

Myron Ebell on Global Warming Negotiations

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Uploaded on Dec 18, 2007

Competitive Enterprise Institute Director of Energy & Global Warming Policy Myron Ebell discusses the politics of global warming the role of the EU on British television

16 1113 Myron Ebell on the EPA

Old Fart

Published on Nov 13, 2016

The Face of Climate Denialism – Myron Ebell

Rick Piltz

Uploaded on Feb 2, 2012

During CSW Dirctor Rick Piltz’s 1/13/12 appearance on the Al Jazeera English program “Inside Story,” climate change skeptic Myron Ebell accuses environmentalists of steering America toward a North Korean ideal. Dan Weiss, of the Center for American Progress, sets him straight.

Meet Myron Ebell, the Climate Contrarian Leading Trump’s EPA Transition (with link to: “Climate of Doubt” | FRONTLINE | PBS – 23 October 2012)

FRONTLINE | “A Climate of Doubt” Preview | PBS


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Myron Ebell, a leading contrarian of the scientific consensus on global warming, will lead Donald Trump’s transition team at the EPA.

November 14, 2016 by Priyanka Boghani Digital Reporter

President Barack Obama has called climate change a threat to national security and to future generations. As president, he championed the Paris climateagreement, which aims to tackle global warming bycommitting more than 190 nations to reducing heat-trapping emissions over the coming decades. In September, Obama warned that if “the current trend lines on a warming planet continue, it is certainly going to be enormously disruptive worldwide.”

But as Obama’s presidency draws to a close, the United States now looks to how Donald Trump will address the issue as president.

Trump has called climate change a hoax as recently as December 2015, and in March, he told the editorial board of The Washington Post, “I think there’s a change in weather,” but added, “I am not a great believer in man-made climate change.”

On the campaign trail, Trump signaled a radical shift from Obama’s policies, vowing to end America’s participation in the Paris agreement and dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency.

As Trump now begins the process of staffing his administration, his pick to head the transition team at the EPA, Myron Ebell, offers more insight into the future of U.S. climate policy.

Ebell, a leading contrarian of the scientific consensus on global warming, leads environmental and energy policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a libertarian advocacy group financed in part by the fossil fuel industry. Ebell also helps chair the Cooler Heads Coalition, a group which describes its mission as “dispelling the myths of global warming.” He’s been described as “enemy #1” to the climate change community, and his own bio highlights how he has been named a “climate criminal” by Greenpeace.

Ebell has been instrumental in crafting a national strategy challenging research showing that global warming is both man-made and real. The action plan, drawn up in 1998, said victory would be achieved when the public recognized “uncertainties in climate science.” As head of the EPA transition, Ebell will play a leading role in choosing personnel and shaping the future of government agencies that deal with environmental and climate policy.

When FRONTLINE spoke with Ebell for the 2012 documentary Climate of Doubt, his strategy had already helped propel a shift in the political debate around climate change, contributing to the collapse of cap-and-trade legislation in Congress in 2009.

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Watch full original Frontline Doumentary from 23 October 2012

U.S. Department of State – Secretary Kerry’s Remarks at COP-22


November 16, 2016 Secretary of State John Kerry delivers remarks from the Conference of the Parties (COPP 22) in Marrakech, Morocco

The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends



Image obtained using a climate reanalyzer. (Climate Change Institute/University of Maine)

By Chris Mooney and Jason Samenow November 17 at 1:41 PM

Political people in the United States are watching the chaos in Washington in the moment. But some people in the science community are watching the chaos somewhere else — the Arctic.

It’s polar night there now — the sun isn’t rising in much of the Arctic. That’s when the Arctic is supposed to get super-cold, when the sea ice that covers the vast Arctic Ocean is supposed to grow and thicken.

But in fall of 2016 — which has been a zany year for the region, with multiple records set for low levels of monthly sea ice — something is totally off. The Arctic is super-hot, even as a vast area of cold polar air has been displaced over Siberia.

At the same time, one of the key indicators of the state of the Arctic — the extent of sea ice covering the polar ocean — is at a record low. The ice is freezing up again, as it always does this time of year after reaching its September low, but it isn’t doing so as rapidly as usual.

In fact, the ice’s area is even lower than it was during the record-low 2012:

(National Snow and Ice Data Center)

Twitter’s expert Arctic watchers also are stunned. Zack Labe, a PhD student at the University of California at Irvine who studies the Arctic, tweeted out an image on Wednesday from the Danish Meteorological Institute showing Arctic temperatures about 20 degrees Celsius higher than normal above 80 degrees North Latitude.

“Today’s latest #Arctic mean temperature continues to move the wrong direction . . . up. Quite an anomalous spike!,” Labe wrote. Here’s the figure: