Tracking progress – From Paris COP21 to Marrakech COP22

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Published on Nov 16, 2016

This video features the progress achieved by five initiatives over the last year in making agriculture more climate resilient. The sector is a priority area for climate change adaptation worldwide. Launched at the Paris Climate Conference, the five initiatives are:
Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme
Life Beef Carbon
Promotion of Smart Agriculture towards Climate Change and Agro-ecology Transition in West Africa
4 pour 1000: Agricultural Soils for Food Security and the Climate

This 6-minute video, in English with French subtitles, was produced by FAO for the Agriculture and Food Security Action Event, part of the Global Climate Action Agenda, at the Marrakech Climate Change Conference 2016. Led by France and Morocco, the Global Climate Action Agenda seeks to boost cooperative action between governments, cities, businesses, investors and citizens to cut emissions rapidly, help vulnerable nations adapt to climate impacts and build a more sustainable future.

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