One week to save UN climate change talks from Trump

(Pic: UNFCCC/Flickr)

By Karl Mathiesen and Ed King in Marrakech

Published on 13/11/2016, 9:58am

As the eyes of the world look to Marrakech for a signal of the Trump effect, can diplomats show that the climate is bigger than one man?

Climate diplomats in Marrakech are working furiously behind the scenes to send a message to Donald Trump that the world remains a place of pluralism and cooperation.

The US president-elect has threatened to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and to reverse much of the work done by Barack Obama on curbing carbon emissions at home.

Reports emerged on Sunday morning that Trump’s team are looking for “quick ways” to leave the deal,

which was agreed by 195 countries last December and came into force on 4 November.

What president Trump actually does, remains to be seen. But after the dismay and deflation of Wednesday morning, diplomats in Marrakech appear to be steeling themselves to defend the work of decades.

“We need something to emphasise we believe in multilateralism,” UN climate champion and French diplomat Laurence Tubiana told Climate Home in an interview on Saturday.

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