The Predictable Environmental, Public Health and Climate Impacts of the Globally Resurgent Military-Industrial-Prison Complex | EV & N – 229 – CCTV


With the Pence-Trump election history is repeating itself. We are headed for a presidency run from the Vice President’s office. The military-industrial-prison complex is likely to reinforce itself with the predictable array of war profiteers and prison construction and operations contractors deriving substantial benefits from government subsidies to the large corporations concerned. All the while railing against big government and the corruption of “the swamp” in Washington, D.C. it is likely that the Pence-Trump presidency will beat the drum for “making America great again” as in the past with a massive military build-up, substituting its own swamp rats for those who have benefited previously from the corporate subsidies from the taxpayers.

All of this is most likely to be accomplished with an immense paroxysm of fossil fuel gluttony and the attendant environmental degradation of water, soil and air on a scale never yet equaled in human history.  In the process, it is also quite likely that the precarious balance of the current global climate regime will be irretrievably tipped beyond the point of no return, leaving this and future generations no means of averting the ensuing mass destruction of human life and livelihoods around the world.

An earlier discussion of climate in the U.S. elections included:


For a more extended account of the collapse of corporate media accounting for why Americans for years have been “sleepwalking toward the end of the earth” see:


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