2030 Water Resources Group | IFC

Mission and Vision

We envision a world with sufficient and safe water to support economic growth, the needs of people and ecosystems.

The 2030 WRG aims to contribute to the coordinated effort to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of ending extreme poverty; growing strong, inclusive, and transformative economies; and protecting our ecosystems. These goals cannot be achieved without water and no entity has the ability to solve the world’s water challenges alone. By working together to develop and implement the right strategies, policies, plans, and programs, much more can be achieved and sustained.

What we need to do

If countries maintain a business-as-usual approach to managing water, we can expect a 40 percent gap between fresh water supply and demand by 2030. Our mission is to help countries achieve water security by 2030, by facilitating collective action on water between government, private sector and the civil society.

How we do it

The 2030 WRG brings together public, private, and civil society stakeholders to have open discussions about water management, and together develop concrete proposals that can help improve the management of water resources in the country.

We tailor our level of involvement and approach to each country’s water challenges. We only work with countries at their request – our impact depends on a strong government commitment to work with partners through a constructive, transparent, and sustained dialogue. The 2030 WRG creates a convening platform, which is a neutral place where stakeholders collectively identify and agree on priorities and activities to improve water resources management in their countries.

Our Value Proposition

The 2030 WRG brings transformative change to water resources planning by convening national multi-stakeholders platforms and structured processes – including key public decision-makers, concerned private sector champions and civil society representatives – who catalyze sustainable, rational, economics-based solutions to closing the water supply demand gap.

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