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Climate Change Denial Is Real & Man-made, Here’s Undeniable Proof

The Young Turks

Published on Feb 25, 2015

“A prominent academic and climate change denier’s work was funded almost entirely by the energy industry, receiving more than $1.2m from companies, lobby groups and oil billionaires over more than a decade, newly released documents show.

Over the last 14 years Willie Soon, a researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, received a total of $1.25m from Exxon Mobil, Southern Company, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and a foundation run by the ultra-conservative Koch brothers, the documents obtained by Greenpeace through freedom of information filings show.

According to the documents, the biggest single funder was Southern Company, one of the country’s biggest electricity providers that relies heavily on coal.

The documents draw new attention to the industry’s efforts to block action against climate change – including President Barack Obama’s power-plant rules.”* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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How the Climate Denial Industry Works

David Pakman Show

Published on Dec 4, 2015

–Kert Davies, Director of the Climate Investigations Center, a research group that works to expose the anti-environmental movement, joins David to discuss the funding of climate skeptics

Rhymes with Smokey Joe


Published on Nov 25, 2013

“Smokey Joe” Barton is known for apologizing to BP after the 2010 Oil spill, and harassing climate scientists.
Turns out he’s also been a key connection between the tobacco industry and the climate denial industry. Archival footage from ABC News on the tobacco wars of the 90s turns up sequences of Smoky Joe in action on behalf of Big Cancer.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: “The Earth is Carbon Starved.”


Uploaded on Aug 26, 2010

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The history of the earth is immense, and diverse – and its easy to get confused and mangle history, — to mix things that never belonged together in the real world.

What was natural in the distant past might not be a good fit alongside man’s creations.
Human beings and the climate of the ancient world, could find themselves on a collision course.

Richard Alley, Bjerknes Lecture, American Geophysical Union,
December 2009

Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum sediments

Hydrogen sulfide blooms off Namibia

snowball earth – dropstones and carbon cap

“The Day Earth Died” BBC
part 1
part 2

A major drop in seawater 87Sr/86Sr during the Middle Ordovician (Darriwilian): Links to volcanism and climate?

Tripati et al, Miocene sea levels and CO2

University of York, Greenhouse/Extinction connection

US Geological Survey, Volcanic gases

Earth: A Biography

Alley and Rohrabacher: Brain vs Blowhard


Uploaded on Dec 2, 2010

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Dana Rohrbacher is angling to be chairman of the Science and Technology committee.
Richard Alley is the highly regarded expert on paleo-climate from Penn State.
On November 17, Alley gave testimony before the committee.
Watch Rohrbacher try to beat brains with bluster – I think Alley is wayyy to good humored and patient with him.

See full discussion, Nov 17, 2010:
Panel 2

panel 1

panel 3

Richard Alley – 4.6 Billion Years of Earth’s Climate History: The Role of CO2

National Academy of Sciences

Published on Jun 1, 2015

NAS member Richard Alley presents on 4.6 Billion Years of Earth’s Climate History: The Role of CO2, during the Symposium—Earths, Moons, Mars & Stars at the National Academy of Sciences 152nd Annual Meeting.

What the Ice Cores Tell Us, and How Deniers Distort it


Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011

A widely circulated piece of climate denial nonsense purports to use legitimate evidence from greenland ice cores to debunk the record of global warming.

Displaying temperature records out of context, and making the claim of legitimacy by citing the data, and it’s primary author, Dr Richard Alley, this popular propaganda piece pretends to be based on actual evidence, when it is anything but.

Further explanation here:

Richard Alley in the New York Times

Richard Alley before congress

Richard Alley Speech to American Geophysical Union
excerpted here

Alley Dances to explain Ice Ages

Richard Alley: Conversations from Penn State

and here

Reading Greenland Ice Cores