2016 Cambridge Climate Congress: ​Building a Community of Response

2016 Cambridge Climate Congress: Building a Community of Response

The congress will gather 100 volunteer delegates from throughout the Cambridge community to make practical recommendations on how all residents can participate in responding to climate change. Grassroots groups Green Cambridge, Mothers Out Front, the South Asian Center and HEET, the Home Energy Efficiency Team support the call for the congress.

“In 2009 at the first Cambridge Climate Congress, the goals were to build awareness of the urgency of climate change and to get the City to do more. Now, most people are aware that climate change is here to stay, and Cambridge and governments at all levels have begun to respond in earnest,” said Quinton Zondervan, president of Green Cambridge and a lead organizer of the Climate Congress.

“The issue facing everyone today is how to respond in the best possible way whatever our circumstances and differences. We can’t all be climate activists, but there are steps we can all be taking to play a more active role in protecting our environment. Our hope is that this Climate Congress will help us all be more mindful of what those individuals’ roles will look like,” said Mayor Simmons of her vision for the Congress.

The Congress will open with a plenary session on October 1st in Cambridge City Hall with informative presentations on the climate situation and the many ways governments and people are responding to it. In a series of focused discussions, interested delegates will then consider the responses available to people from different backgrounds, in different circumstances and with different beliefs. In a closing plenary session on November 12, delegates will convene to adopt a final statement on climate citizenship.

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