50 Shades of Climate Change

Howard T. Brady

Published on Sep 26, 2016

We are being told of record world temperatures due to man-made global warming. Is it truly the hottest time in human existence?

Thermometers paint a picture of world temperature for over the last 150 years, but what do fossils and ice-cores tell us about the last 10,000?

How were Germans growing olives on the Rhine river 2000 years ago? What were temperate oak forests doing in the middle of Norway and Sweden 8000 years ago? When did the Vikings have cattle stamping around Greenland? Who was the King whose army galloped across the Baltic Sea to invade Denmark?

And has temperature really been dancing in step with rocketing carbon dioxide increases? Or is there something else going on?

Told by Dr Howard Brady, Alumnus Scientist of the Year, Northern Illinois University, and who undertook four expeditions to Antarctica with the US Office of Polar Programs.

Dr Brady is the author of ‘Mirrors and Mazes: A guide to the climate debate’.


Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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