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Climate Scientists: Earth on Track for 2°C Temperature Rise by 2050 + Earth’s Atmosp here Passes 400 Parts Per Million of Carbon Dioxide + ExxonMobil Lawsuit Cites Decad es-Long Cover-Up of Climate Change

Climate Scientists: Earth on Track for 2°C Temperature Rise by 2050

In news of global warming, a new analysis by top climate scientists finds the Earth’s average temperature is on track to increase by 2 degrees Celsius––or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit––by mid-century, unless governments take dramatic steps to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The study finds that current pledges to combat climate change under a U.N. agreement crafted in Paris last December fall far short of preventing a temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius, one of the agreement’s goals. The study was led by the U.N.’s former top climate scientist, Robert Watson, who said governments need to double or triple their efforts to meet the Paris target.

Earth’s Atmosphere Passes 400 Parts Per Million of Carbon Dioxide

September 30, 2016 Headlines

Meanwhile, the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii reports atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have topped 400 parts per million throughout 2016 and are unlikely to fall below that level for the foreseeable future. That’s far above the 350 parts per million considered by many climate scientists to be the safe limit.

ExxonMobil Lawsuit Cites Decades-Long Cover-Up of Climate Change

September 30, 2016   Headlines

In other climate-related news, a new federal lawsuit takes aim at ExxonMobil in what advocates say is the first legal action targeting the oil giant for its decades-long cover-up of climate change. The suit, by the environmental group Conservation Law Foundation, charges ExxonMobil continues to pollute the Island End and Mystic rivers near Boston, in part by failing to fortify a storage facility to withstand rising seas and extreme weather caused by climate change. Last year, InsideClimate News and the Los Angeles Times revealed that for decades, beginning in 1977, Exxon concealed its own findings that fossil fuels cause global warming, alter the climate and melt Arctic ice.

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Recalculating the Climate Math | Bill McKibben | New Republic

The numbers on global warming are even
scarier than we thought.

By Bill McKibben,   September 22, 2016  Illustration by Neil Webb

The future of humanity depends on math. And the numbers in a new study released Thursday are the most ominous yet.

Those numbers spell out, in simple arithmetic, how much of the fossil fuel in the world’s existing coal mines and oil wells we can burn if we want to prevent global warming from cooking the planet. In other words, if our goal is to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising more than two degrees Celsius—the upper limit identified by the nations of the world—how much more new digging and drilling can we do?

Here’s the answer: zero.

That’s right: If we’re serious about preventing catastrophic warming, the new study shows, we can’t dig any new coal mines, drill any new fields, build any more pipelines. Not a single one. We’re done expanding the fossil fuel frontier. Our only hope is a swift, managed decline in the production of all carbon-based energy from the fields we’ve already put in production.

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We Need to Literally Declare War on Climate Change | Bill McKibben |New Republic

We’re under attack from climate change—and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII.

By Bill McKibben

August 15, 2016

Illustrations by Andrew Colin Beck

In the North this summer, a devastating offensive is underway. Enemy forces have seized huge swaths of territory; with each passing week, another 22,000 square miles of Arctic ice disappears. Experts dispatched to the battlefield in July saw little cause for hope, especially since this siege is one of the oldest fronts in the war. “In 30 years, the area has shrunk approximately by half,” said a scientist who examined the onslaught. “There doesn’t seem anything able to stop this.”

In the Pacific this spring, the enemy staged a daring breakout across thousands of miles of ocean, waging a full-scale assault on the region’s coral reefs. In a matter of months, long stretches of formations like the Great Barrier Reef—dating back past the start of human civilization and visible from space—were reduced to white bone-yards.

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Sept 28 Standing Rock Pipeline Protest Attacked

Sept 28 Standing Rock Pipeline Protest Attacked – YouTube


Published on Sep 28, 2016

DAPL The cops move in in force and contain gas ans arrest peaceful protesters at gunpoint! Tax payers foot the bill for Oil Company treachery! When injustice becomes LAW Resistance becomes DUTY!

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MacArthur Video Proposal – Soil Solutions

Published on Sep 30, 2016 

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Russia & Canada to discuss Arctic cooperation

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