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A platform for conversation and the communication of information
by and about environmental justice concerns.

Some notes taken at:

UCS Meeting-St. Paul: 22-23 September 2016


The collaboration:


See details of UCS – Center for Science and Democracy Staff

The conference:


With special thanks to Antonio Lopez, Manuel Pino & James Riding, et. al


(Jamie Hoyte) Manny Pino, James Riding & Antonio Lopez:


Cecilia Martinez & Andrew Rosenberg:


Shalini Gupta & Nicky Sheats:


Cecil Corbin-Mark & Jamie Hoyte:


We all need to think about the basic insight that we actually have more power than we think:

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With enduring links to the issues.

One possible next step which is “extensible:

We can perhaps think of the entire Community Television infrastructure as an already existing platform through which we can start to get the youth of the world — to mobilize what they already know — and encourage them to “go viral about” the EJ struggles that surround us on all fronts.  By the time they graduate, many highschool students learn in school (or from their friends) how to produce video clips for YouTube.  Many if them have created several and posted them on their own “YouTube Channels” or simply on their personal Facebook pages.

We should work to enlist the talent and know-how of these young people as a powerful new arm of the EJ movement.  Why not invite concerned highschool students to start becoming “grassroots documentalists” of the EJ movement right in their own “back yard.”

We could organize an effort to elicit the best YouTube clips that they can produce and give them a public platform on some web platform like http://Ecojustice.TV. If we can enlist the developing video skills of this massive group of emergent YouTube enthusiasts, we could launch a very rich collection of key documentary reports in a manner that could help expand the EJ movement   In this manner the EJSI his could simultaneously develop a new EJ outreach portal, build morale among those already engaged in EJ struggles and tap the best talents and newly forming commitments among the world’s most creative youth, encouraging them to ever greater participation in the EJ movement as “Earth Citizens.”

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