Rhodes Scholars and Transition Studies

rhodes-scholars-tv-logo-500Rhodes Scholars are connecting with each other on social,
environmental, and climate-related issues through

Nota bene:  Rhodes-Scholars.TV is an informal communication network of Rhodes Scholars interested in sharing stories, studies and comments about the transition to a just and sustainable future in a climate-changed world.  However, Rhodes-Scholars.TV is not a part or affiliate of the Rhodes Trust or the Rhodes Scholarship Programme, and any information, material or views published by or available via Rhodes-Scholars.TV do not represent the views or values of the Rhodes Trust, the Rhodes Scholarship Programme or the Rhodes Scholar community.
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Some recent contributions from Rhodes Scholars:

For related events in Oxford see:

Keep in touch and join in:


Important recent scientific studies include:

Other material from Senior Rhodes Scholars includes:

    …. etc., etc.



as well as the Rhodes Trust YouTube ChannelRhodes Alumni Interviews:




as well as the ongoing Rhodes Scholar Blog


& other visionary voices on the transitions necessary in a climate changed world ….

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