200 businesses, cities, states and regions commit to full decarbonization | The Climate Group


PARIS: Today, CDP and The Climate Group released a new report identifying 200 companies, states, regions, and cities that have committed to full de-carbonization.

Unlocking ambition: Top corporate and sub-national climate commitments, is the third in a series of reports tracking the ambitious climate commitments made by “non-state” actors (i.e. non-national governments), in the lead up to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21) currently taking place in Paris.


  • 87 companies have set goals to reduce their GHG emissions by 80-100%, or to procure 100% of their power from renewable sources, including Google (US), Infosys (India) and Broad Group (China), and
  • 23 states and regions and 90 cities, including California and Basque Country, and Yokohama and Vancouver, have declared similar goals that will strategically position their communities and economies for low-carbon growth and prosperity.

Evan Juska, Head of Policy for The Climate Group, North America said: “What surprised us was the diversity of companies and sub-national governments making ambitious climate commitments. They differ in location, size, energy use, and ideology. But they share a belief that reducing emissions makes sense for both customers and constituents.”

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