Collapse with Michael Ruppert (Full Movie)

Down the Rabbit-Hole I Go

Published on Sep 16, 2015

“Collapse”, directed by Chris Smith, is an American documentary film exploring the theories, writings & life story of controversial author, investigative reporter, & activist, Michael C. Ruppert.

Sadly, Michael died, by his own hand, on April 13th 2014, just outside Calistoga, California, USA. He left suicide notes addressed to his friends, none of whom (including Jack Martin who found his body) consider the circumstances suspicious in any way.

Links & Credits:

An interview with Jack describing the circumstances of Michael’s death is available here;

Link –

In memory of Michael, this is intended to educate all Mankind & to spread his message of hope for humanity in a fvcked-up World.

I own nothing: All rights belong to the makers & contributors of this film.

If you enjoyed watching, please buy the film here;


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Environment Ethics
Environment Justice
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