Climate Change + Elections = ? What happens when voters are lied to and scientists persecuted? | EV & N – 220 – CCRA


American elections offer no survivable climate choices to voters who have been deceived by government and corporations for decades.

What happens in a country where scientists are persecuted and citizens are repeatedly lied to and arrested for speaking truth to power?

In reality, the election sham is only one realm in which Americans have experienced a strategy of systematic obfuscation  and deception.   See, for example:


as well as:

It is, perhaps, worth reflecting upon how the election of 2016 carries within itself an echo of the 50 year-old conflicts already manifest in the “Class of 1968.”  At the very least, those who are now fifty years “out” of college should have developed both the interest and the skills to “take stock of what is at stake” these days in the continuing struggle for human dignity and, perhaps, our continued survival.

Tim Weiskel              
Yale ’68, Berkeley College

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