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Iceland President: Let Banks Go Bankrupt


Published on Jan 26, 2013

Iceland President: We Decided to Let the Banks Fail
Iceland President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson on the recovery of the country’s economy

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Why Americans Lead the World in Food Waste – The Atlantic

Calories are cheap and people are picky.
Adam Chandler Jul 15, 2016

Americans waste an unfathomable amount of food. In fact, according to a Guardian report released this week, roughly 50 percent of all produce in the United States is thrown away—some 60 million tons (or $160 billion) worth of produce annually, an amount constituting “one third of all foodstuffs.” Wasted food is also the single biggest occupant in American landfills, the Environmental Protection Agency has found.

What causes this? A major reason is that food is cheaper in the United States than nearly anywhere else in the world, aided (controversially) by subsidies to corn, wheat, milk, and soybeans. But the great American squandering of produce appears to be a cultural dynamic as well, enabled in large part by a national obsession with the aesthetic quality of food. Fruits and vegetables, in addition to generally being healthful, have a tendency to bruise, brown, wilt, oxidize, ding, or discolor and that is apparently something American shoppers will not abide. For an American family of four, the average value of discarded produce is nearly $1,600 annually. (Globally, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that one-third of all food grown is lost or wasted, an amount valued at nearly $3 trillion. )

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The Rise And The Fall Of The Bankster (Full Movie)

E120, e130,

Koch Brothers EXPOSED: 2014

Brave New Films

Published on Jan 21, 2015

Billionaires David and Charles Koch have been handed the ability to buy our democracy in the form of giant checks to the House, Senate, and soon, possibly even the Presidency. SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy1U… GET INVOLVED! Sign up: http://bit.ly/1wFXujJ Host a FREE screening: http://bravenewfilms.org/screenings

The last time we exposed the Koch Brothers’ dealings to the world we here at Brave New Films wound up in their crosshairs. They produced online ad campaigns attacking us, but, it takes more than a banner ad to slow us down.

We’ve reissued Koch Brothers Exposed in an updated version, Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition, to shine a light on them. We’ve delved even deeper into where their money is going, who their money is hurting, and how much they are making during this whole process leading up to the 2014 Elections.

Two years ago when we made this film very few people knew who the Koch Brothers were or what the Koch Brothers were doing. But now, we so strongly believe that everyone should know what is happening that with your help and donations we are able to offer the film for free. We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see the truth.

(5:11) How the Koch Brothers use Citizens United to corrupt democracy

(7:11) The Koch plan to re-segregate public schools

(17:11) Koch University: Rewriting your Education
Is your school on the list http://www.bravenewfilms.org/koch_get…

(21:02) Kochs VS The Minimum Wage

(25:09) Kochs & Voter Suppression

(31:26) Koch Attacks on Unions

(34:54) The Koch plan to dismantle Social Security

(38:20) Kochs & The Environment

(40:52) How the Koch Brothers Cause Cancer by dumping their toxic waste everywhere


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Cornel West and Henry Louis Gates interview on Charlie Rose (1996)

Manufacturing Intellect

Published on Jul 4, 2016

Authors of “The Future of the Race,” Henry Louis Gates and Cornel West, discuss class status, religion and their new book.

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Three McKibben Amendments Fail At The DNC Platform Committee

Core News

Published on Jun 27, 2016

DNC Platform Committee in St. Louis, MO (6/24/16)

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Clinton Forces Dominate DNC Platform, Demolishing Key Sanders’ Issues


Published on Jun 28, 2016

Platform Committee positions Clinton so that she offends no one except Sanders’ supporters says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

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