Filmmaker Josh Fox: Sanders Pushed Party Platform to Left, But We Failed on TPP, Medicare, Gaza

Democracy Now!

Published on Jul 12, 2016 – The Democratic Party platform committee held its last meeting in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend ahead of the party’s convention at the end of this month. The meeting of Clinton and Sanders delegates resulted in what’s being called the most liberal Democratic platform in a generation. The draft platform still needs to be ratified at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, but it is already widely being touted as a victory for Sanders. Sanders appointed five members to the committee earlier this year, including scholar and racial justice activist Cornel West, leading environmentalist and co-founder Bill McKibben and Minnesota Congressmember Keith Ellison, who chairs the House Progressive Caucus. The new platform includes Sanders’ call for a $15 per hour minimum wage, Social Security expansion and a carbon tax to price its impact on the environment. We speak with award-winning documentary filmmaker and Sanders delegate Josh Fox. He’s the director of “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and is now playing on HBO.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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