Taking the Risk Out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda versus Freedom and Liberty (History of Communication): Alex Carey

Alexander Edward Carey was an Australian writer and social psychologist. Before enrolling at London University, Carey had been a sheep farmer for ten years on his family’s property near Geraldton in Western Australia.

Carey points out that citizens living in totalitarian regimes have no choice but to toe the government line out of fear for their personal safeties. In free societies, Carey explains that more subtle means are used to keep populations under control. Specifically, propaganda is used to ensure that most people will think in a manner that is consistent with the corporate agenda (such as belief in the free market and business’ right to unlimited profit). Carey documents how Americans and Australians have been subjected to corporate propaganda during most of the 20th Century, and explains how these efforts have perverted our democracy (for example, American’s over willingness to fight communists, real or imagined, to protect capitalism). Indeed, while many Americans were conditioned during the Cold War to believe that propaganda existed only in the Soviet Union, China and other communist regimes, Carey persuasively argues that propaganda actually played (and continues to play) a more critical role in molding the attitudes of citizens in democracies.
Born: December 1, 1922, Geraldton, Australia
Died: November 30, 1987


Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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