Debate: After Shocking Vote, Can U.K.’s Radical Left Navigate a “Left Exit” fro m EU Neoliberalism?

Democracy Now!

Published on Jun 24, 2016 – Britain has stunned the world by voting to leave the European Union, putting an end to a 43-year relationship. British Prime Minister David Cameron led the campaign to “remain” in the union, and responded to the vote by announcing he would resign by October. The so-called Brexit vote passed by 52 percent, and the United Kingdom will now become the first major country to leave the bloc of 27 nations. European Union President Martin Schulz called on the remaining member states to enter discussions to help protect the eurozone and the pound. We go to London to get reaction and examine the country’s next steps with guests on both sides of the vote: Joseph Choonara, member of the Socialist Workers Party and spokesperson for Lexit, the Left Leave campaign, and Alex Scrivener, policy officer at Global Justice Now who campaigned with Another Europe is Possible, the left campaign for Britain to remain in the EU.

Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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