2 Years of Modi Regime; Education Under Attack


Published on May 13, 2016

India’s education sector is under constant attack from the NDA government, which is trying to convert the centers of learning to a saffron bastion. In addition, the current government is also following the same neo-liberal agenda of the UPA in the education sector. The government is also pushing very hard to corporatize India’s education sector and is also trying to bring in foreign direct investment in education. This is aimed at closing the avenue of learning to the marginalized sections of the society. Apart from this the current regime is also rabidly pushing the agenda of saffronisation of education. The change in curriculum, scrapping of important figures like Jawaharlal Nehru and motivated appointments in educational institutions have been done systematically to kill intellectual rationality. The current regime doesn’t want people to think logically, and wants to push its agenda of homogenous society with the dominance of the upper-class. The removal of freedom struggle from the curriculum has been done because they themselves have a very dubious role in the struggle for independence. Newsclick interviewed Nandita Narain, President DUTA and FEDCUTA on two years of the NDA regime and it’s impact on education sector.

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