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Republican Mayors Opt for 100% Renewable


Published on May 4, 2016

Angelina Galiteva, solar energy expert, says taking advantage of low-cost job-creating renewables to address climate change should be a non-partisan issue

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Anti Communist Propaganda


Uploaded on Jun 27, 2006

An animated anti-communist film produced by the US in 1948. This is funny stuff and the quality of the animation considering it was produced by a college is absolutly awesome. Enjoy!

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Duck And Cover (1951) Bert The Turtle

Nuclear Vault

Uploaded on Jul 11, 2009

Duck and Cover staring Bert the Turtle is a 1951 Civil Defense Film

Written by Raymond J. Mauer and directed by Anthony Rizzo of Archer Productions and made with the help of schoolchildren from New York City and Astoria, New York, it was shown in schools as the cornerstone of the government’s “duck and cover” public awareness campaign.

According to the United States Library of Congress (which declared the film “historically significant” and inducted it for preservation into the National Film Registry in 2004), it “was seen by millions of schoolchildren in the 1950s.”

Duck and Cover lyrics:
There was a turtle by the name of Bert
and Bert the turtle was very alert;
when danger threatened him he never got hurt
he knew just what to do…
He’d duck!
And cover!
And cover! (male) He did what we all must learn to do
(male) You (female) And you (male) And you (deeper male) And you!’
Duck, and cover!’

Duck and Cover (film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Unexpected Return of ‘Duck and Cover’ – The Atlantic

Production History of Duck and Cover

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Our Friend the Atom 1 of 5 – The Fisherman and the Genie


Uploaded on Oct 20, 2010

This is the very cartoon many of us in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s watched in High School Physics classes.

The premise that there is something real called a nuclear atom, with orbiting electrons and a nucleus composed of protons and neutrons, was never tenable since it’s inception.

The Nuclear Theory of the Atom has been debunked for a long time now. Dewey Larson has absolutely obliterated the historical construction of this fallacious and mind numbing theory in his Book: “The Case Against the Nuclear Atom” found in the link below, online and free to read. So, there is no excuse for anyone believing this idiotic model, nor quantum mechaincs, since is constructed upon this myth abd string theory because it is just deeper into the same quackademic bullshit. 10 to the 500th versions of this garbage theory about 1 dimensional strings and membranes as big as the Universe. LOL!


DB Larson’s lecture debunking the nuclear theory of the atom:


Walt Disney was a mason and intimately involved in the plan of the owners of the new world order to brainwash humanity with these kinds of disempowering lies which have enslaved us all to energy barons, war mongers and central bankers.

Physics in the Age of Fakery- Bibhas De


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Education, Research, and Innovation in Africa: Forging Strategic Linkages for Economic Transformation

Discussion Paper 2016-01, Science, Technology, and Globalization Project, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

February 2016

Author: Calestous Juma, Professor of the Practice of International Development; Director, Science, Technology, and Globalization Project; Principal Investigator, Agricultural Innovation in Africa

Belfer Center Discussion Papers

Belfer Center Programs or Projects: Agricultural Innovation in Africa; Science, Technology, and Globalization; Science, Technology, and Public Policy

Africa is a youthful continent: nearly 41% of its population is under the age of 18. To address the unique challenges of this demographic structure, the African Union (AU) has adopted a 50-year Agenda 2063 to help guide the socioeconomic transformation of the continent with particular reference to the youth. One of the objectives of Agenda 2063 is to reposition the continent as a strategic player in the global economy through improved education and application of science and technology in development. The AU’s Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa, 2024 (STISA-2024) provides an intial 10-year framework for pursuing this goal.

(read more).

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A glowing underground network of fungi – Attenborough’s Life That Glows: Preview – BBC Two


Published on May 4, 2016

Programme website: http://bbc.in/1NjV0Cp David Attenborough introduces the perplexing world of glowing fungi and asks, is fungal bioluminescence just a biochemical accident or is there a more important function at play?

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Why Is The Corporate Media So Damned Soft in Scrutinizing Donald Trump?

The Ring of Fire

Published on May 4, 2016

It really seems like every time Donald Trump spouts nonsense out of his mouth, there are zero consequences. The corporate media simply refuses to bury him with scrutiny. So, what gives here? Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss this. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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