DISOBEDIENCE – Teaser Trailer

350.org  Published on Apr 22, 2016

DISOBEDIENCE is a new film from our friends at PF Pictures that shows the amazing things that regular people are willing to do when faced with the biggest crisis in human history. If politicians won’t do what it takes to break free from coal, oil and gas, we will. Premieres April 29, and streaming online on April 30: http://watchdisobedience.com

View full film and schedule a public viewing by your own citizen’s group, student group or church fellowship, etc.

350.org    Uploaded on Apr 29, 2016

Download the film or join a screening party at : http://watchdisobedience.com

A PF PICTURES production Director – Kelly Nyks Producers – Kelly Nyks, Tad Fettig, Hypatia Porter and Jared Scott Executive Producer Valda Witt Director of Photography – Tad Fettig Editor – Hypatia Porter Assistant Editor & Associate Producer – Jonathan Rapoport Original Music – Malcolm Francis Sound Mix – Matt Rocker Color Correct – Josh Kanuck Graphics – Garry Waller & Steven LaMorte Additional Editors – Rafael Cruz & Sara Ballesteros Researcher – Nicole Suliteanu Interns – Lynnese Page & Meghan Kennedy


Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice
EJ Film Festival
EE Film Festival
Climate Film Festival

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