350.org   Uploaded on Apr 29, 2016

Download the film or join a screening party at : http://watchdisobedience.com

A PF PICTURES production Director – Kelly Nyks Producers – Kelly Nyks, Tad Fettig, Hypatia Porter and Jared Scott Executive Producer Valda Witt Director of Photography – Tad Fettig Editor – Hypatia Porter Assistant Editor & Associate Producer – Jonathan Rapoport Original Music – Malcolm Francis Sound Mix – Matt Rocker Color Correct – Josh Kanuck Graphics – Garry Waller & Steven LaMorte Additional Editors – Rafael Cruz & Sara Ballesteros Researcher – Nicole Suliteanu Interns – Lynnese Page & Meghan Kennedy

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice
EE Film Festival
EJ Film Festival
Climate Film Festival

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