With At Least $6.5 Billion Raised, Harvard Sets Higher Education Fundraising Record

Massachusetts Hall. The Crimson Staff

By Andrew M. Duehren and Daphne C. Thompson UPDATED: April 12, 2016, at 12:33 p.m.

Harvard has surpassed its public goal and Stanford’s $6.2 billion capital campaign, which set a higher education record in 2012

Harvard has raised at least $6.5 billion in its capital campaign, breaking a higher education fundraising record after only two and half years of its five year-long public drive, according to two donors with direct knowledge of the campaign’s progress.

With $6.5 billion raised, Harvard has surpassed its public goal and Stanford’s $6.2 billion capital campaign, which ended in late 2011 and set a higher education record. The first capital campaign at Harvard to involve each of the University’s 12 schools simultaneously, the fundraising drive aims to support student financial aid, a new campus in Allston, and the renewal of undergraduate Houses, among other priorities.

By the time of its public launch in September 2013, the “One Harvard” campaign had already raised $2.8 billion in gifts and pledges during its “quiet phase.” Since then, Harvard has attracted multiple high-level gifts that moved its total closer to the $6.5 billion target.

Harvard last detailed the progress of its overall campaign in October 2015, when donations totaled $6.1 billion. Harvard administrators are generally tight-lipped about campaign data, and University President Drew G. Faust said earlier this month that Harvard times announcements to coincide with the end of the fiscal year or tax year. She said Harvard does not plan to release an updated figure until later this spring or summer.

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