Trump’s Business Record | On Point

February 18, 2016 at 10:00 AM
A deep look at Donald Trump’s business record. Successes. Failures. Patterns. And the mystery of his net worth.

In this file photo, current GOP Presidential primary frontrunner and real estate magnate Donald Trump poses for photos above the floor of the New York Stock Exchange after taking his flagship Trump Plaza Casino public in New York City on June 7, 1995. (Associated Press)

Beyond his flash and brash appeal, Donald Trump’s big claim to readiness for the presidency is his business record. Trump the builder. Trump the dealmaker. Trump the multi-billionaire. So how good is he, really, on the business front? His name is all over, that’s for sure. There are successes. But also failures. Those bankruptcies and more. What does that record tell us about the man and how he works in the world? This hour On Point, the business record of Donald J. Trump.

Tom Ashbrook


Timothy O’Brien. executive editor of Bloomberg View and Bloomberg Gadfly. Former editor and business reporter at the New York Times. Author of “TrumpNation.” (@TimOBrien)

Michael Kruse, senior staff writer for POLITICO. (@michaelkruse)

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