Meet the Flint Official Whose Bid to Restore Safe Drinking Water Was Blocked by an Unelected Manager

Democracy Now!

Published on Feb 17, 2016 – To learn more about how how Flint ended up with an unelected emergency manager, we spoke with Flint City Councilmember Eric Mays. Eleven months ago, in March 2015, the City Council voted seven to one on his resolution to stop using water from the corrosive Flint River. The city’s unelected emergency manager Jerry Ambrose rejected the proposal. He said, “It is incomprehensible to me that (seven) members of the Flint City Council would want to send more than $12 million a year to the system serving Southeast Michigan, even if Flint ratepayers could afford it. (Lake Huron) water from Detroit is no safer than water from Flint.”

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