Naomi Klein — Grassroots-Global — A new vision for a global education and awareness movement

Cambridge Forum
First Parish in Cambridge, Thursday, October 16, 2014

Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs. The Climate

Naomi Klein asserts:

This Changes Everything…

So, how will it change your life?

If this really does change everything, how will this change our education?  How will it change the way we learn?  and the way we reach and teach one another?

What difference should it make in what we expect –or demand — of our educational institutions?  Can these institutions possibly prepare us fast enough for the transitions we must all now confront?

If colleges and universities cannot move fast enough to inform global public awareness, where else can we turn to learn?  What new teaching and learning environments can we devise and mobilize for the enormous task at hand?

Naomi Klein’s Vision ==> and The Global Education Challenge

Naomi Klein has emerged — along with other grassroots activists and global visionaries around the world — to articulate a fresh level of insight about our global environmental crisis.  Moreover, she has galvanized a renewed level of commitment among all who hear her, inspiring them to confront the dysfunctional logic of an economy of endless accumulation that is driving our world towards mass extinction.

Some of her recent writings, interviews, discussions and presentations can be viewed through Transition-Studies.TV, including the following:


* * *

Other Grassroots–Global visionaries include:

      For updates on the contributions of Naomi Klien and other Grassroots-Global Visionaries you can follow the links to resource material provided in

and “follow” the Transition-Studies.TV website.

For resources useful in self-education on climate change see:

Where Can We Turn to Learn?

Further resources are available from outreach publications and streaming web facilities from universities both in this country and abroad:


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