DOOMSDAY 2020 – Arctic Methane Melting NOW

The HAARP Report

Published on Apr 21, 2014

We MUST stop the Ionospheric Heaters, and chemtrails! Instead of spraying poison, the chemtrail planes should be used to fertilize the oceans with iron dust. This will trigger plankton blooms, which will remove some of the excess CO2 from the atmosphere. One pound of soluble iron, spread in the ocean, will remove 1,000 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere. Ocean Fertilization will slow down the runaway heating process, and give us time to develop other solutions.
If mankind cannot stop the US Navy SBX ionospheric heaters, the 20 year doomsday timeline in this video will be correct. Here is a video showing how the ionospheric heaters are used to melt the Arctic:…
In 8 years, planet Earth will be MUCH, MUCH, hotter. This video shows the best available temperature prediction, because the IPCC does NOT include the positive feedback of Arctic methane in their climate predictions. Therefore, the IPCC report is a JOKE!
During the winters of 2013/2014, and 2014/2015, the navy SBX Haarp transmitters melted the Arctic by pushing warm, humid, air from Asia, into Alaska. The HAARP transmitters have accelerated the Arctic melting, by several decades, if not a full century.
If JUST the shallow part of the Arctic sea (East Siberian Arctic Shelf) melts, the methane content in the air will go up by 1,000 times. Methane is 1/3 of the total greenhouse gas now, so a 1,000 times increase, means the total greenhouse gas will increase by 300 fold. Methane traps 100 times more heat, than carbon dioxide. After the methane release, all the permafrost in the northern hemisphere will melt, releasing much greater amounts of carbon dioxide and methane. That will cause the oceans to go anaerobic, due to the high temperatures. The dead oceans will stop making oxygen, and start releasing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in large quantities.
All this will be happening quickly in the next few decades, but if the SBX transmitters are shut down, and the oceans are fertilized with iron dust, we can still stop the runaway global temperature increase, and save all life on Earth. Every day that passes makes total extinction more likely. Presently, the Ionospheric Heaters are operated by “unknown agents”, as a weapon of weather warfare against the American people, Mexico, and all humans on Earth. This must stop immediately.
Sorry, I mistakenly said “five gigatons” in the video, but I meant to say “five thousand gigatons”.
Brief summary of global warming, for mass media followers, and skeptics:
Methane has been less than 700 ppb, for 50 million years, now it is 1900 ppb, and shooting higher every year. We are passing the elbow, in the hockey stick, this year, 2015.
It is not about CO2 anymore. It has been 5 million years since CO2 was 400 ppm, like it is now, CO2 is projected to got to 900 ppm by 2100, the temperature of the globe takes decades to catch up with the greenhouse gas level, so even if all CO2 emissions stopped now, the earth will continue heating for centuries. The oceans store 1,100 times more heat than the land and air, and the oceans are hotter than they have been in millions of years, and getting hotter every year. The oceans, and polar ice, are absorbing the extra heat, and hiding the global heating.
Every square meter of the Earth is getting 2.29 watts of extra heat, whenever the sun is up. This “solar forcing” means the temperature MUST go up, so the outgoing infrared matches the incoming heat from the sun. The extra infrared cannot leave, because of the increased greenhouse gases.
As the polar ice melts, we will see global temperatures skyrocket, since the melting ice has buffered the global temperatures.
We can still save this planet, if we fertilze the oceans with iron dust, and trigger continuous plankton blooms, as that will sequester incredible amounts of carbon at the bottom of the oceans, as limestone, forever. This means converting the chemtrail planes, from dropping poison, to dropping non-toxic soluble iron, instead.
ONLY 42 SUPERTANKERS can drop enough iron in the oceans, each year, to remove ALL THE MANMADE CO2 from the atmosphere, for that year. This is a cheap, safe, easy, way to buy some time, before the runaway global heating becomes unstoppable!!! The international fishing fleets should spread iron, as they are raping the oceans, to replenish the biomass they remove.
A global methane release happened 55 million years ago, and we are going to see an exact repeat of the PETM extinction event.
If we don’t fertilize the oceans with iron, and the Arctic ocean with tungsten, our planet will die in the next 10 to 30 years (2015 new graphs:… )
Please forward to government, scientists, and friends. Time is quickly running out.

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