Underworld, Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age I

Space And Intelligence

Published on Dec 28, 2014
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Between 17.000 and 7.000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age, terrible things happened to the world our ancestors lived in. Great ice caps over northern Europe and north America melted down, huge floods ripped across the earth, sea-level rose by more than 100 metres, and about 25 million square kilometres of formerly habitable lands were swallowed up by the waves. (2002)

When a huge comet struck earth 13.000 years ago, it was stretched out into a chain of fragments by the gravitational pull of the Earth, making it look like a fiery serpent flying through the sky. Is this disaster the origin of all the myths and legends about a fire-breathing dragon or winged serpent?

Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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