Where Can We Turn to Learn?

A Citizen’s Guide to Selected Resources for
Self-Instruction and Exploration of

Transition Studies


* * *

Citizens from around the world are turning their attention to transition studies.  The urgency of planning for the transitions in our lives is now becoming widely apparent across all cultures, all languages and all national boundaries.

The reason is simple.  All over the world modern civilization depends upon non-renewable resources.  It follows that our civilization will not be renewed — that is to say, it will not survive — unless it can transform itself soon and build itself instead upon principles and practices of renewable energy and material recycling.  There are major transitions required to move our civilization from where we are to where we need to be in order to survive.  Transition studies involves the intentional focus on how to transform our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors from what we are doing now to what we will need to do in order to survive.

What follows below is a gradually growing list of resources available for global citizens to use in crafting their own approaches to the transitions they and their communities must now undertake in their own personal and collective lives.

View introductory videos:



Where Can We Turn to Learn? The Struggle for Truth in the Anthropocene (in Face of Official Disinformation, Corporate Propaganda and Pervasive Public Mistrust) | EV & N 362 | CCTV

* * *


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