Paris Means Climate Change Science Is Here to Stay

Now that the dust has settled, what does the future hold for climate change?

U.N. climate change conference in Paris.

By Jeff Nesbit Dec. 14, 2015, at 1:51 p.m. + More

The historic Paris climate agreement is concluded. Every country in the world is now in the climate fight, to one degree or another. In its wake are three obvious and important markers for those who’ve paid attention:

First, President Obama’s legacy is likely secure – his suite of executive actions on climate change round out a trio of significant achievements with the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal and the Affordable Care Act as benchmarks for historians.

Second, 20 years of frustration in international climate negotiations are now in the dustbin of history. The Paris agreement erased all of that in a fortnight.

And, third, whatever remained of the contrived, artificial climate science “debate” in the media is gone for good. Now, the focus for global media is on immediate and impending climate impacts – such as the reason why millions are fleeing the desertification around the Sahel region in Africa.

Global Climate Change
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