Adapting to a Warmer World: BBC World Service – Newshour Extra

Our world is getting warmer despite the best efforts of the scientists, politicians and diplomats. A global agreement in Paris on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions may help slow the rise in temperature, but it’s rising nonetheless. What might the world look like if the temperature keeps rising? There will be many losers – but who are the likely winners? And what does humanity need to do to adapt to the inevitable changes ahead? Owen Bennett Jones and a star cast of guests discuss how humanity can survive in a warming world.

James Lovelock – Environmentalist and originator of Gaia theory; Heather McGray – Director of the Vulnerability & Adaptation programme at the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC; Saleemul Huq – Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development in Bangladesh; Mark Maslin – Professor of Climatology at University College London; McKenzie Funk – Journalist and author of ‘Windfall’
Rutger de Graaf – Delta Sync a Dutch company developing climate-adaptation concepts; Paulo Bacigalupi – Climate fiction (‘cli-fi’) author

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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