COP21 – Democracy Now – Headlines – December 09, 2015 + stories

Greenpeace Reveals Climate Skeptics for Hire by Hour

Greenpeace has revealed that two prominent climate skeptics made themselves available for hire by the hour to write reports that cast doubt on man-made climate change and the impacts of global warming. Members of Greenpeace posed as consultants for fossil fuel companies and asked William Happer, a professor at Princeton University, and Frank Clemente, a retired professor from Penn State University, to write the reports. Both professors said the reports would cost thousands of dollars to write and discussed ways to obscure the funding source.

Chemical Giants Dow Chemical and DuPont Consider Merger

Two of the world’s largest chemical companies, Dow Chemical and DuPont, are considering merging into what could become the second-largest chemical company in the world. Combined, Dow Chemical and DuPont are worth $120 billion. This year has been one of the biggest years for massive corporate mergers, which include the $150 billion merger of pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Allergan, the $106 billion merger of beer companies Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller, and the $55 billion merger between telecommunications giants Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable.

Canada: Activists Shut Down Enbridge Pipeline for Day

In Canada, three activists have been arrested after they forced pipeline giant Enbridge to shut down one of its major oil pipelines by locking themselves to equipment at a valve site on Monday. The pipeline transports more than 12 million gallons of Alberta tar sands and Bakken crude oil to refineries in the east coast every day. The pipeline has long been opposed by First Nations and environmental activists, who are concerned about spills and the impact of continued fossil fuel extraction on climate change.

Stories from Democracy Now for Day 8 of COP21 – 9 December 2015

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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