Climate Change Heroes – Biographies and Solutions by Mariah Tinger —Kickstarter

I have tracked down 50 of the nation’s most interesting climate change experts and am writing Climate Change Heroes to highlight these heroes’ lives and work. Climate change can be a topic that invokes an immediate Charlie Brown’s Teacher response – “whaa, whaa-whaa, whaa, whaa.” This book will change that! The featured heroes’ stories include hate mail, death threats, jail sentences, venomous spider bites and fantastic adventure. They also tell of beautiful moments that inspire their passion, love that keeps them hopeful and the exciting new solutions that are on the horizon.

Over the past 9 months, I have interviewed many of the nation’s best and brightest climate change leaders – Naomi Oreskes, Thomas Lovejoy, James Balog, Bill McKibben, Janine Benyus, Paul Hawken…and even President Obama! In-person interviews allow me to create a more complete profile of each hero. I can capture details that do not come across over phone or email, such as non-verbal communication, what their office tells me about them, their visage and comportment. MY ASK is travel funds for in-person interviews and to attend COP21, the United Nations Climate Change conference in Paris this December.

Update #1 Dec 3 2015
Update #2 Dec 6 2015
Update #3 Dec 8 2015
Update #4 Dec 10 2015

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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