Paris and Beyond: GDAE Climate Policy Briefs

From the Tufts University GDAE program:

Land, Energy, and Climate

GDAE’s program in Land, Energy, and Climate, under the direction of GDAE Co-Director Dr. William Moomaw, seeks to apply tools of scientific and economic analysis to pressing problems of the biosphere. These include global atmospheric change that threatens to destabilize the planet’s climate, as well as changes to land and water ecosystems that can undermine the basis for a sustainable human economy. A major research focus is on Sustainable Development Diplomacy to create solutions to these problems through innovative technologies, policies and practices to provide required services by less environmentally damaging means, and implementation of restorative development actions to restore lost ecosystem functions.

The series of articles and reports below deals with issues concerning climate change, fisheries, agriculture, and the development of renewable energy systems. Dr. Moomaw has served as a lead author on several Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Reports, also available below.

The research program builds on earlier work on climate change and cost-benefit analysis by GDAE Research Fellows Frank Ackerman and Liz Stanton. See Dr. Ackerman’s website for additional publications.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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