France: Protest Remains Banned; Police Conduct More than 2,000 Raids – 1 December 2015 – DN – Day 2

We’re broadcasting live from Paris, France, diplomats, heads of states and climate negotiators are beginning the second day of negotiations for the 21st United Nations Climate Change Summit. Monday, nearly 150 heads of state gathered here in Paris for what organizers called the largest-ever gathering of its kind.

Outside the COP21 facilities, protests continued to be banned across France. French President François Hollande has condemned the protests over the weekend, calling it “scandalous” that they would protest at the Place de la Republique, even though Democracy Now! original video footage shows the police, not the protesters, were the ones to trample on the flowers and candles commemorating the November 13 attacks.

François Hollande: “This is why these protests are not authorized. We knew there would be troublemakers, who by the way have nothing to do with climate activists, or those who want the conference to succeed, and who are there only to create problems. That’s why there were put under house arrest. And it’s doubly unfortunate, I’d even say scandalous, Place de la Republique, where there are all these flowers and also candles placed in memory of those who were killed by the bullets of terrorists.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manuel Valls has confirmed police have raided more than 2,000 homes since France declared a three-month state of emergency following the attacks on November 13.

Series of DN reports from 1 December 2015

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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