Hollande: Climate Talks a “Beautiful Symbol” after Paris Attacks & French Activists Vow to Protest During Paris Climate Talks – COP21

November 25, 2015
As Hollande visited Washington, D.C. for talks with Obama, French warplanes bombed ISIS targets near the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Hollande: Climate Talks a “Beautiful Symbol” after Paris Attacks

Emerging from the meeting with Obama, Hollande pledged to press ahead with United Nations climate talks opening Monday in Paris, saying they are a “beautiful symbol” after the Paris attacks.
bq. Francois Hollande: “No one has asked us to suspend, delay it (climate talks) because in fact it is the most beautiful symbol we can imagine after the tragedy in Paris and Saint-Denis. This meeting is where the world decides for itself in favor of life — always life — the lives of our children, the small children of the planet.”

French Activists Vow to Protest During Paris Climate Talks

In the wake of the Paris attacks, French authorities canceled a mass march against climate change scheduled for this Sunday; 200,000 people were expected to take to the streets to call for a global deal to avert climate catastrophe. On Tuesday night, in Paris, hundreds gathered at an emergency meeting to oppose France’s state of emergency, which prohibits demonstrations for three months. The attendees vowed to protest during the U.N. climate talks — known as the Conference of the Parties, or COP. One of the organizers, Christine Poupin, spoke to Democracy Now!.

Christine Poupin: “My name is Christine Poupin and I am spokesperson for the New Anticapitalist Party. The reason for this meeting tonight was to give a first response to the state of emergency, in particular to assert our capacity to resist and reflect, a response to the heavy weight imposed both by terrorism and the state of emergency. Talking about COP, this COP will have no positive outcome on the climate because it will make no positive decision to limit the use of fossil fuels, but worse, it will also promote false solutions that will heavily burden the people. So yes, there is nothing more urgent than to mobilize during COP, and even more to construct an international movement of climate justice.”

Tune in Monday as Democracy Now! begins our two weeks of live coverage from the Paris climate talks.


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