Migrant crisis: No EU-Africa grand bargain – BBC News

Katya Adler Europe editor

Surely some of the first rules of wooing are: if you’re going to do it, do it properly.

Don’t insult the object of your desire with promises you both know you can’t keep.

If you lack the cash for that magnificent bunch of fragrant roses, resist the temptation to brandish a fraying fake bouquet instead.

There has to be a better alternative, and you’re unlikely to get a positive response.

And as for trying to bully or force someone into partnership with you – a little tip: it’s unlikely to go down well.

In this respect, the EU makes a lousy suitor.

After reeling in panic and reacting in slow motion to the – to an extent predicted – dramatic surge this year in refugees and other migrants arriving, the EU is now trying a more comprehensive, strategic approach.

It includes an attempt to persuade (woo/push) the migrants’ countries of origin, or the transit countries, to:

  • stop them leaving in the first place
  • take them back, if they are deemed to be an economic migrant or failed asylum seeker.

Migration to Europe explained in graphics

Spanish method

The EU also plans to send cash and other aid “over there”, in the hope of dissuading more refugees and others from wanting to reach Europe, risking their lives.

…(read more).

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