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Investigate Exxon. – 350


Earlier this month, reports revealed that Exxon has known about the threat of climate change since the 1970s and 80s.

That’s right: decades before climate change became a hotly debated political issue, the biggest oil company in the world was doing cutting-edge research into just what was causing it and how dangerous it might be. Exxon’s own scientists warned the company that burning fossil fuels was “potentially catastrophic” and might pose an existential threat to humanity.

But Exxon chose to protect their profits over the planet, and proceeded to cover up their findings for nearly forty years. They hid the work of their own scientists, while financing an elaborate network of climate-denial think tanks, organizations, and politicians.

Decades later, we’re in the midst of a rapidly-unraveling crisis — one that we could have been well on our way toward solving, had we acted much sooner.

We’re not surprised that Exxon lied about climate change. We’re not even surprised they lied for so long. What’s dismaying is that they just might get away with it.

But with a landmark UN summit coming up in Paris in just a little over a month, activists, organizations, journalists, and even politicians are calling for an investigation by the Department of Justice.

If we know the truth about how fossil fuel companies like Exxon really operate, then we can fight them better. It’s not too late to do that.

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Donald Trump Hosting Saturday Night LIVE? Tell NBC to #DumpTrump • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Brave New Films

Published on Oct 28, 2015

SIGN THE PETITION: http://www.bravenewfilms.org/dumptrum… Dear Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live, We urge you to dump Trump as the November 7th host of Saturday Night Live! NBC did the right thing in June when they severed ties with Trump over his hate speech about Mexican immigrants. Donald Trump is a bully who walks around spewing hate speech that has very real consequences on Latinos. You should not give him the platform and celebrate him on national TV. Don’t let Trump on SNL.

Hate speech and its consequences are no laughing matter.

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The Food Project Institute | The Food Project

Winter 2016 Institute

February 4-6, 2016

Fee: $400

Greater Boston Area, MA

Many people come to The Food Project during the summer and are inspired by the beautiful, healthy food, and highly motivated, diverse teens working with passion towards a common mission. It seems to flow effortlessly. The truth is…our summers are the complementary outcome of the other half of the year when we run vibrant youth programs such as the Dirt and Root Crews and plan for the next summer.

During this Fall/Winter season, 50 teens are engaged in meaningful, age-appropriate challenges that help our communities as they deepen their knowledge and take action to create a sustainable and just food system. The lessons and actions are dynamic and “real-time” at shelters, farmers’ markets, greenhouses, in workshops they facilitate, and in the powerful feedback sessions with their peers and supervisors.

At the Winter Institute, you will experience:

  • Winter season planning and program design
  • The opportunity to work with youth and hear about their winter season work
  • In-depth conversations with The Food Project staff

And you will learn:

  • How to build a tiered youth development program
  • How to mobilize and motivate teens year-round
  • The foundations and planning for strong summer programs

For more information on the Summer Institute, please email institute or call 781-259-8621 x29 to speak with Cindy Davenport, Director of Programming and Institutional Learning.

Click here to register for the Winter Institute.

For more information on the Winter Institute, please email institute@thefoodproject.org or call 781-259-8621 x29 to speak with Cindy Davenport, Director of Programming and Institutional Learning.


To register online, go to thefoodproject.org/institute. For questions regarding registration, please contact Beth Jameson, Programs Operations Manager, at bjameson@thefoodproject.org or 781-259-8621 x23.

Beth Jameson

Programs Operations Manager 

The Food Project

p: 781.259.8621 x 23
c: 781.472.9769

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TAVIS SMILEY | Grace Lee Boggs Tribute | PBS

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13 – Misleading media reports on sea level rise – a case study


Uploaded on Dec 30, 2010

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This addresses a response to my video “Climate Change

Monsanto Documentary – This is a shocking video about the company

Tim Vanderbilt

Published on May 19, 2013

This video is just shocking. https://www.facebook.com/HealthAndWel… I can’t believe that people in our government are so greedy that they would allow this to happen, all in the name of money. All rights of this video belong to the producers and film makers.

Visit: http://the7essentials.net/

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Monsanto Supersizes Farmers’ Weed Problem–but Science Can Solve It

Union of Concerned Scientists

Published on Apr 30, 2014

When agribusiness giant Monsanto came up with its Roundup Ready system, it seemed like a superhero to farmers looking for an effective, relatively non-toxic way to fight weeds.

Alas, this was a superhero with a fatal weakness. And before farmers knew what hit them, that weakness had transformed their weed problems into a national superweed crisis.

Monsanto and its agribusiness peers say they have a solution—but it looks an awful lot like the one that failed the first time.

There’s a real solution available. We call it healthy farms. It’s grounded in science, it’s sustainable and cost-effective, and more and more farmers are putting it into practice.

But the transition isn’t easy, and farmers need new policies and more research to help them make it happen.

Take action:
Learn more about the superweed crisis:

Video created by Draw4.Us:

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