Activists Protest Across U.S. to Demand Action on Climate Change

Environmentalists held protests in cities across the United States Wednesday calling for action on climate change and protesting against the institutions that continue to drive fossil fuel extraction. In Washington, D.C., activists held a die-in and a march on the American Petroleum Institute to demand a clean energy economy. In Normal, Illinois, activists gathered in front of the office of a local official to demand a plan to move toward renewable energy. In New York City, about 100 protesters gathered in front of JPMorgan Chase’s office in Manhattan to protest the bank’s investments in fossil fuel companies. Protester Jesse Andre Sassine spoke out.

Jesse Andre Sassine: “JPMorgan’s connection is that they are the number two investor in fossil fuels, in outdated energy, right? And they are a bad player as far as green energy is concerned. And it’s just their M.O. You know, it’s just day-to-day business for them, because they don’t only suck the life out of our planet, but they suck the life out of my community. Right? So, they haven’t done nearly enough to modify the mortgages that were predatory lending in the first place in my community.”

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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