Evidence Of Revision – Part 1 – 1 of 10


Uploaded on Nov 22, 2008

Part 1: 1 of 10

“The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald as Never Seen Before”

This is a mind-blowing 6-part video documentary series, the purpose of which is to present publicly unavailable and suppressed historical audio, video and film recordings which have remained largely unseen to this day.

The recordings relate to the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, the little known and classified “Black Ops” used to intentionally create the war in Vietnam, CIA “mind control” programs relating to the RFK assassination, the Jonestown massacre, and the MLK assassination.

The U.S. Government’s Orwellian “Office of Public Diplomacy” has been in existence in various forms and under various names since first world war. The union of American governance and American corporate interests has been in existence since the birth of the nation and the doctoring of ‘public truth’ began long before that.

Together, the 6 parts equal about 10 hours:

Part 1: The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald as Never Seen Before

Part 2: The “Why” of it: All Referenced to Vietnam and LBJ

Part 3: LBJ, Hoover and Others. What So Few Know Even Today

Part 4: The RFK Assassination as Never Seen Before

Part 5: The RFK Assassination Continued, MKULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre – All Related

Part 6: The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

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