Labour Party Leader Corbyn Says He Would Not Use Nuclear Weapons

In Britain, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is clashing with members of his party after he told the BBC that if he were prime minister, he would not order the military to use nuclear weapons, regardless of the circumstances.

BBC reporter Laura Kuenssberg: “Would you ever push the nuclear button, if you were prime minister?”

Jeremy Corbyn: “I am opposed to nuclear weapons. I am opposed to the holding and the usage of nuclear weapons. They are an ultimate weapon of mass destruction that can only kill millions of civilians if ever used. And I am totally and morally opposed to nuclear weapons. I do not see them as a defense. I do not see the use of them as a credible way to do things.”

Kuenssberg: “So, yes or now, you would never push the nuclear button?”

Corbyn: “I’ve answered you perfectly clearly. It’s immoral to have or use nuclear weapons. I’ve made that clear all of my life.”

Corbyn also said that he would oppose the renewal of Britain’s billion-dollar submarine-based nuclear program Trident, calling the program a waste of money.

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