The Long Tale of Exxon and Climate Change | InsideClimate News

Many Americans are now just beginning to realize tthat there has been more than a “conspiracy of silence” at work on this issue. There has been a demonstrated pattern of deliberate corporate deception, through the cumulative work of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Exxon’s funding of denialist groups and the WMD (weapons of mass deception) funded by the Koch brothers. The public has been lied to for years by those who knew better and acted immorally to protect and promote their own profits at the collective expense of public health and safety as well as global human survival.

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Exxon used to purchase regular “advertisement” space on the New York Times “Op-Ed” page sometimes several times a week to post short promotional essays. They had nothing specific to “sell” other than the appearance of respectability and an interest in public welfare.

Their ad campaigns have now embraced the internet as a vehicle for diffusing their information and image of “integrity.”

In reality, as the InsideClimate News folks have now demonstrated, Exxon provides the world with a “Poster Case” of corporate greed, lies and deception, which if it is not judged to be criminal, can also serve to instruct us greatly about the nature of the American legal system.  Further examples of this persistent deception are available regularly from Exxon Mobil’s YouTube channel:

and other reference material can be traced through Exxon’s record of activity traced on Transition-Studies.

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