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How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health – Advertising, Marketing (2002)

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Refugee Welcome Oxford

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Can Denmark make energy demand follow renewable supply?

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US Army confirms dangerous WW2 era radioactive pollution in St. Louis, Missouri

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Clocking WTC7 by David Candler – Polskie napisy

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Rethinking Economics: August 2015 Newsletter


Whats been happening over the last month…

  1. UK students assist in revision of QAA’s Subject Benchmark Statement for Economics.
  2. First summer seminar in pluralist economics takes place in Jerusalem.
  3. Pluralist economics movement collaborates for engaging new public project Boom Bust Click.
  4. Award-winning filmmakers question the contradictory nature of money and debt.
  5. Upcoming events.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

Europe Braces for New Wave of Refugees

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Climate Crisis

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Race for Resources

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Future of Forests

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